Why Wike Will Not Labour in Vain for President Tinubu

Why Wike Will Not Labour in Vain for President Tinubu

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The Theatre of the Absurd: Finding a Pragmatic Solution for the People of Edo State

The elections in Edo State last year were marred by scandal and tumult. Reports of false testimonies, moonlight tales, and intemperate brats disseminating jest to clog the airways left the people of Edo State desperate and disillusioned. The situation was compounded by the inability to effectively re-calibrate the election system in the many attempts made by successive governments.

However, I have discovered a beacon of hope in the form of a man of great pedigree and character, Emmanuel Usoh Esq., a native of Uzea, Esan North East Local Government Area of Edo State. He has shown himself to be a capable leader with an impressive body of work.

Usoh is a lawyer and public analyst who boasts a Masters Degree in Law and is a candidate for a doctoral degree from the University of Benin. He is a graduate of the University of Manchester, a Notary Public, an Arbitrator of the United Kingdom and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and a Member of the Institute of Management. He has formerly held positions in the Edo State Internal Revenue Service and the Edo State Government as Commissioner of Wealth Creation, Cooperative, and Employment.

Usoh is a hardworking and compassionate individual with a commitment to the uplift and prosperity of the people of Edo State. His background in the law, economics, and governmental affairs makes him a perfect fit for the role of Governor in Edo State. His solutions for tackling the ills of the state, if followed, can help reclaim Edo State from the brink of disaster and restore the legacy of the great people of Edo State.

I have known Usoh from the start and can personally attest to his commitment to justice and equity. He is a man determined to see the state succeed for the benefit of all its citizens. He is the better choice for Edo State, the kind of leader to turn the people’s hopes into tangible results.

Above everything, let’s all come together and use our vote smartly to ensure a better future for the people of Edo State. Let us all throw our support behind Emmanuel Usoh Esq. as the ideal person to lead the charge in bringing about the much-needed change and development in Edo State

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