Who is co-conspirator 6? We know who they are not.

Who is co-conspirator 6? We know who they are not.

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Since the latest indictment was announced against former President Donald Trump, many have been looking for answers to the biggest mystery of these new charges: Who is co-conspirator 6? In an effort to solve this mystery, media outlets like NBC News have identified the five other co-conspirators, but the identity of the sixth remains unknown. Although we don’t yet know who this person is, there are still some clues to be found from the clues provided in the indictment that help narrow down the possibilities.

For one, although an email from a” Senior Campaign Advisor” was quoted in paragraph 25th paragraph of the indictment, it is unlikely that Jason Miller is co-conspirator 6 as he is referred to by name in the indictment. The same is true for Mike Roman, who is identified as the “Campaign staffer” in paragraph 64 after an email from pro-Trump attorney Ken Chesebro was revealed within publicly available documents.

It’s a positive that two potential suspects have been ruled out, but there’s still more investigating to be done till we reach a consensus about the identity of co-conspirator 6. Where does that leave us? Sadly, at the same place we were when first began trying to solve this mystery. Currently, there are still too many unknowns to definitively reveal who the sixth unnamed participant is, but as more information is released, the puzzle pieces will hopefully start to form a clearer picture. Until then, we must stay vigilant and continue the search in an effort to discover the true identity of co-conspirator 6

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