Where Yaris runs wild

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The FIA World Rally Championship Safari Rally Kenya is one of the toughest Challenges of the annual calendar, and Johannesburg-based motoring journalist Waldo Swiegers is set to cover and follow Toyota’s exploits in this rally for the Sunday Times.

Since the First World War, the Sunday Times has been committed to reporting stories that matter to its readers in cosmopolitan South Africa and beyond, making it a trusted source for stories for more than a hundred years.

Rallying across the brutal open and rocky African terrain of Kenya is not for the faint hearted, and Toyota South Africa (TSA) have decided to take on the challenge with their Yaris WRC cars in support of world-class driver Giniel de Villiers and navigator Galago. Waldo will keep the world appraised of Toyota’s journey by following their progress and sending reports, photographs, and videos back to the Sunday Times for its readers.

His task isn’t easy. With the safari rally featuring at least 11 days of intense racing and up to 12 daily special stages with a total distance of up to 1 400km, Waldo will have to spend several days under extreme driving conditions doing his best to keep up with the cars.

To be able to report in as much detail as possible, Waldo will have to constantly access his sources, cross-check information from multiple sources and document progress every step of the way, all while being the extra pair of eyes that will help to avoid any slightest mishap on the way to the finish line.

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