UK Roald Dahl Museum acknowledges author’s ‘undeniable’ racism

UK Roald Dahl Museum acknowledges author’s ‘undeniable’ racism

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Just days after the Roald Dahl Story Company issued an apology regarding the renowned children’s author’s anti-Semitic comments, the Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire, England, has announced plans to combat hate and prejudice. In doing so, the museum recognizes the writer’s racism in his own life, which it has deemed “undeniable and indelible”.

The Museum, a charity, has wholeheartedly endorsed the Dahl family’s apology from 2020 and is committed to being inclusive and diverse in all aspects of their work. The initiatives the museum has taken in this effort include featuring advertisements and recruitment campaigns that accurately portray the diversity of the museum’s visitors and better training staff. Furthermore, they have connected with several Jewish organizations- Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council.

On their website, the Dahl Museum notes that they choose to not repeat Dahl’s views publicly; however, they also express a commitment of making sure the events are not forgotten, and are recording it as part of their collection. In many ways, Dahl’s life was filled with contradictions. Kind in many regards, the author also wrote and said anti-Semitic comments about Jewish people- something the Museum recognizes and implores to never forget or repeat.

Yet, despite this trepid ambivalence, Dahl’s creative legacy still seems to be shining through, especially with the forthcoming release of the prequel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” later in 2021. It is the museum’s hope that Dahl’s writing can still be embraced with this awareness in mind, and it is through these initiatives they undertake to combat racism and prejudice that can make this goal a reality

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