Twitter Undergoes a Bold Rebranding as Elon Musk Introduces ‘X’ Logo

Twitter Undergoes a Bold Rebranding as Elon Musk Introduces ‘X’ Logo

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Twitter Ditches Iconic Blue Bird for a Striking X

Twitter Inc. said goodbye to the iconic blue bird emblem synonymous with the platform for 17 years and unveiled a new logo featuring a striking white ‘X’ set against a black background. The official announcement of the launch of the new logo on Monday was made by Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, in a tweet.

Just one day prior to the unveiling, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, hinted that a worldwide branding change was imminent. He expressed his desire to remove the blue bird icon to implement a new logo. His reason being the letter ‘X’ which has been incorporated into the names of his businesses in the past.

The ‘X’ is now the prominent icon on the site’s homepage and Elon Musk’s profile photo. It has also been integrated into the loading animations. The same changes have not yet been applied to the app though.

Elon Musk’s fascination with the letter ‘X’ has been going on for some time. In fact, his rocket company is known as SpaceX as an abbreviation for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. He even named his son ‘X’, making the world aware of his ongoing fondness for this letter.

Since his acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion, he has started several rebranding changes with the most recent one being the implementation of revenue sharing with content creators. The long-term vision being to make the platform an ‘everything app’ catering to various financial needs.

Although there has been no news on the new branding being rolled out to the app as of yet, people are curious to find out how far Elon Musk goes with this globally recognized platform. Time will tell the full story of his ambitions taking shape in the form of Twitter’s ‘X’

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