Twin Peaks to Expand Development Agreement with 3B Lodge

Twin Peaks to Expand Development Agreement with 3B Lodge

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Twin Peaks Announces Expansion in Midwest Region

Twin Peaks, the ultimate sports lodge experience, announced their plans to expand their Midwest regional area development agreement with 3B Lodge. 3B Lodge, a local hospitality group in Kansas, is expanding their current agreement to add four new franchised Twin Peaks lodges in Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma.

The new Twin Peaks lodges are set to be opened in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; West Des Moines, Iowa; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. 3B Lodge is currently exploring real estate options for each of the four locations. The Steven brothers, Brent and Brad, own the Wichita-based Steven Hospitality Group and are integral in revitalizing the food and beverage scene in Wichita, making them a great partner for Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks offers an impressive list of acclaimed drinks, mixed from rare bourbons and tequilas to hand-crafted cocktails. They also have an extensive menu with freshly made-from-scratch dishes that can satisfy any appetite, including their must-try burgers seared and smashed to order. At each Twin Peaks location guests will be immediately welcomed by the recognizable Twin Peaks Girls.

Twin Peaks CEO Joe Hummel spoke enthusiastically about the brand’s collaboration with 3B Lodge, remarking, “This group has been a key partner for us, so it was a natural progression for us to continue working with them in developing our brand’s popularity.”

Twin Peaks is passionate about providing an unparalleled experience, and with the expansion of 3B Lodge’s agreement, more people will get to experience the Twin Peaks hospitality magic firsthand. This expansion is a win for Twin Peaks, 3B Lodge and the upcoming communities they’re set to serve

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