Trans Parents Who Both Swapped Genders, Have Welcomed 2 Kids, and Their Story Inspires Millions

Trans Parents Who Both Swapped Genders, Have Welcomed 2 Kids, and Their Story Inspires Millions

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When Jake Graf and Hannah Winterbourne exchanged their vows back in 2017, they did so as a trans couple that was now seen as a family. The attention grew immensely with the announcement of their second child, and they are now using the attention to send out an important message to the world.

Jake and Hannah’s love story was riddled with challenges after Jake transitioned from female to male and Hannah from male to female. As a now trans couple they encountered the same hate and criticism that many in the trans community still face today. For them, it was hard to imagine having a ‘normal’ life, let alone having a partner and children of their own.

Today their family of four has made them the happiest parents, and they now have the best of both worlds; a 3-year-old daughter Millie and 1-year-old daughter Teddie. Their parenting journey with the surrogacy process of both girls was even documented in a 2020 documentary ‘Our Baby: A Modern Miracle.’

The couple has an important message for the world, and are determined to make it easier for the next generation of trans kids who may not have to go through some of the pain they did. Jake remarks that when their documentary came out, they “received nothing except positivity”, which is a strong message and reminder that there should be more human stories to change public opinion and create a more accepting future.

The power couple are lucky to have found each other, as they both share the same values and parenting goals. They want nothing else but for their children to be happy and enjoy life, regardless of anything they identify as.

The inspiring story of Jake and Hannah demonstrate that, despite challenges and stigmas, it is possible for trans couples to have a loving family. It also serves as a reminder of the need to make the future better, and that we can achieve as a community when we accept each other

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