Toothpaste Tubes Are a Hot Mess—Here’s the Eco-Friendly Alternative We Love

Toothpaste Tubes Are a Hot Mess—Here’s the Eco-Friendly Alternative We Love

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It’s no surprise that reducing our reliance on single-use plastics is one of the most important steps we can take towards a more sustainable future. Many people overlook items they regularly use, such as toothpaste, as a source of plastic waste. A staggering 20 billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every year, and their decomposition takes around 500 years. Thankfully, an innovative and convenient option is available to help reduce this excess waste: toothpaste tablets.

These toothpaste tablets are small and easy to use—simply chew them, wet your toothbrush, and brush away! Many reputable brands are available, such as those made by Huppy and sold by Free the Ocean. Not only do these tablets save plastic: they’re vegan, cruelty free, and even better for your teeth! They’re scientifically formulated with ingredients to naturally whiten teeth, freshen breath, remineralize enamel, and reduce sensitivity.

These tablets are also great for travelling—they’re lightweight, small enough for carry-on luggage, and don’t require any additional packaging materials. Plus, each time you purchase one of Huppy’s toothpaste tablets, 10 pieces of plastic are removed from the ocean—saving tons of plastic waste while keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

Switching to toothpaste tablets is an easy and effective way to reduce our plastic usage and ensure a healthy, happy lifestyle. Huppy’s toothpaste tablets are available to purchase at Free the Ocean, and they also offer convenient refills when it’s time to restock. Even the smallest changes can make an impact on the environment, so why not make the switch to toothpaste tablets today

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