The Best Way to Store Your Emergency Water Supply

The Best Way to Store Your Emergency Water Supply

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Storing your emergency water supply is not only necessary but also essential in emergency situations. While it’s easy to stock up on water during severe weather forecasts, it’s important to have an adequate supply of water stored up year-round. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that households store a minimum of three days’ worth of water, allotting at least one gallon of water per person per day. This includes more for pregnant people and those with illnesses, as well as households with pets and people living in hot climates. Preferably, households should store up to two weeks’ worth of water, if possible.

When it comes to choosing water storage sources, the CDC recommends unopened, store-bought bottled water as the safest option. Make sure to check expiration dates and replace them regularly. Do-it-yourself bottled water is also an option but requires the extra step of sterilizing the containers before filling them with water, in addition to labeling them “drinking water” and including the date of the water filling.

It’s also important to consider the location where the water will be stored. Look for a spot away from any toxic substances like gasoline and pesticides, and with a temperature of 50-70 degrees. Additionally, make sure it’s stored away from direct sunlight to preserve the water’s integrity.

Having an emergency water supply on hand is a crucial step to creating a safe and secure home environment, no matter the weather. Follow the CDC’s recommendations for water storage, and remember to replace the water to keep it safe to drink every six months. Prepare now, so your home is ready for anything that comes your way

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