Terrorist eliminated in joint operation by Indian Army and J&K police

Terrorist eliminated in joint operation by Indian Army and J&K police

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In a joint operation conducted by the Indian Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police, one terrorist was eliminated in the Reasi district on September 4th. The forces had been deployed into the jungle area of Reasi upon receiving specific information regarding the presence of two armed terrorists. When the security personnel arrived on the scene trapping the terrorists inside a cordoned house, the terrorists attemtped to fire against the personnel. This resulted in a subsequent encounter leading to the elimination of one terrorist.

Following the encounter, a detailed search of the house and its surrounding areas was conducted leading to the recovery of the deceased terrorists body along with other war-like stores, including an AK series assault rifle with magazines. As the search operations continue, the Indian Army hopes that this incident will mark an end to the attempts of inimical forces to destabilize the region.

Prior to this, the Indian Army had successfully managed to demolish an IED in the same region on September 3rd. This, therefore, stands as a testament to the commitment of the Indian security forces to ensure the safety of the citizens and the prevention of any further destruction.

It is crucial to understand that these operations could not have been possible without the direct support of the local people. The security forces rely significantly on the intelligence and inputs provided by the citizens of the area whom they strive to ensure the safety of.

The Indian Army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police are now continuing with their search operations of the jungle areas of Reasi in their efforts to find the remaining armed terrorist and bring an end to the on-going situation.

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