Susan Hall wins Tory race to face-off against Sadiq Khan for London mayoralty

Susan Hall wins Tory race to face-off against Sadiq Khan for London mayoralty

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The London mayoral race for 2021 has been heating up as Conservative Party member Susan Hall won the ballot of 20,000 Tory voters to become the Tory official to face incumbent Mayor Sadiq Khan. Ms Hall is the first female Conservative candidate for London Mayor and will now start campaigning for an upset victory in next May’s election.

Following a month-long campaign against barrister and political novice Moz Hossain KC, Ms Hall won with a strong majority of 57% of votes to 43%. She was congratulated by Tory party chairman Greg Hands, who declared her the “next mayor of London” in front of many MPs and supporters in Uxbridge’s Battle of Britain Bunker.

Ms Hall showed her grit and determination to “do whatever it takes to win” and promised to cease the Ulez expansion “on day one” of taking office if she becomes mayor. With the expanded Ulez has proving to be a key point among many Londoners, her promise might carry quite some weight.

Indeed, opinion polls have put Ms Hall’s main rival, Mayor Sadiq Khan, in the lead with 41% of Londoners supporting him for a historic third term in office, yet the threat of a ‘time for a change’ mentality as well as the new voting system may work in the favour of the Conservative party.

In the meantime, Ms Hall is still having to deal with controversies of her own after past comments have been made public. Although she has distanced herself from Donald Trump and described herself as “slightly Right” on some issues, Ms Hall needs to keep her focus on the job and appear as a suitable replacement for Mr Khan.

Tory MP Nickie Aiken described Ms Hall as “a very well-established politician in London” who “understands how the GLA (Greater London Authority) works,” and urged Londoners to think of Ms Hall as a suitable alternate for Mayor.

Ms Hall’s challenge now is to make sure Londoners really do “think of her” as they make up their minds in May. With the Mayor’s record and the current Government’s low ratings, it’s evident anything could happen. What’s certain is that City Hall is already tuning up for a mighty battle between Susan Hall and Sadiq Khan in the race for London’s Mayor of 2021

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