Stormzy and Calvin Harris set to team up on new song

Stormzy and Calvin Harris set to team up on new song

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The news that Stormzy is set to collaborate with DJ and music producer Calvin Harris has been met with much excitement from fans. After reportedly hitting it off when the British rapper spotted Harris behind the decks at Ibiza’s Ushuaia during a trip for his 30th birthday celebrations, the pair are now planning a collaboration in the recording studio.

This comes shortly after Stormzy’s producer, PRGRSHN, hinted that the follow-up to his November album ‘This Is What I Mean’ could be released “sooner rather than later”. He added that “once [Stormzy] is inspired, there will be new music for sure”. It is also believed that Stormzy is in his “strongest and most creative” state yet and could release an album this year.

The collaboration between Stormzy and Calvin Harris is likely to explore a multitude of genres, with both artists favouring hip-hop, reggae and electronic music. It is sure to pay homage to the vibrant culture of Ibiza, which was the meeting place for the pair and a hotspot for Stormzy’s previous #MerkyFestival gatherings.

Expectations for their collaboration will be sky-high, given the huge achievements and successes both artists have had previously. Stormzy is the first grime artist to headline Glastonbury Festival and the first UK rapper to go to number one with a debut album. While both men also have experience entering the world of dance music, after Harris’s song “Feels” topped the UK Singles Chart and Stormzy’s track “Vossi Bop” did the same earlier this year.

This unlikely duo are sure to deliver something special, rather than something ordinary. With both artists having the ability to reach larger audiences through their music, this could be immesurable. Packed full of creativity and potential, all that is left to do is sit back and wait for the music to be unleashed

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