Stephen A. Smith wants Shannon Sharpe on ‘First Take’: ‘Talks are serious’

Stephen A. Smith wants Shannon Sharpe on ‘First Take’: ‘Talks are serious’

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As the sports world waits with anticipation for news of Shannon Sharpe’s upcoming career announcements, Stephen A. Smith has confirmed he wants the Hall of Fame tight end on “First Take”. On Friday, the ESPN “First Take” host addressed the rumors of the move with Sharpe, who left FS1’s “Undisputed” in June, after Smith teased his Twitter followers about the upcoming news. Smith confirmed that talks between the two sides were serious and that he wanted to put a “shinier light” on Sharpe.

The feelings seem to be mutual, as the Hall of Fame tight end told USA Today it would be “great” to collaborate with Smith while hinting at a career announcement in the upcoming days. This would be a big step for Sharpe, 55, coming from the FS1 show that averaged 154,000 viewers. A potential move to “First Take” would enable him to continue to build on his podcast “Club Shay Shay”, which boasts 1.23 million subscribers on YouTube.

The role would likely be as a part-time contributor, as Smith likes to have a rotating panel of co-hosts rather than a permanent partner. Smith is hopeful and confident that they will be announcing sooner than later that Sharpe will be on “First Take”. Following the tense exchange between Skip Bayless and Sharpe on the Damar Hamlin collapse, Smith knew Sharpe would be leaving “Undisputed” soon.

The current situation is that Sharpe and Smith will be collaborating in the near future, but exactly how and in what capacity is yet to be seen. Fans are anxious to see if the talks between Smith and Sharpe will lead to a reconciliation between Sharpe and Bayless. Ultimately, Smith’s move for Sharpe sends a powerful message about the importance of dignified discourse in the sports world

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