Special counsel Jack Smith got a secret search warrant for Trump’s Twitter account

Special counsel Jack Smith got a secret search warrant for Trump’s Twitter account

The Unsealing of Donald Trump’s Twitter Search Warrant

In a shocking revelation, new court documents show that special counsel Jack Smith obtained a search warrant of President Trump’s Twitter account back in January 2021. The documents were unsealed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit – making the first time these court documents have been made public.

The documents show that the warrant was tied to special counsel’s investigation into Trump’s involvement in attempts to overturn the 2020 election. It is alleged that Trump is facing four criminal charges related to this investigation and has pleaded not guilty. On Jan. 17, 2023, prosecutors applied for, and received, a search warrant directing Twitter (now known as X) to produce data and records related to the @realDonaldTrump account.

The warrant was served along with an order that prohibited Twitter from notifying anyone, including Trump, about the existence or contents of the warrant. This was meant to give the special counsel a chance to investigate without interference. Twitter eventually complied with the warrant, however, they failed to produce all of the requested information until three days after the court-ordered deadline, resulting in a $350,000 fine.

Twitter had argued that the nondisclosure order violated the First Amendment and the Stored Communications Act. The company also said it was unconstitutional to order it not to notify Trump of the warrant. Ultimately, the court declined Twitter’s appeal.

Trump responded to this news in a tweet on his Truth Social account saying “this major ‘hit’ on my civil rights.” What is certain is that the Trump vs. Justice Department saga continues.

Ultimately, this search warrant serves as an indication of the special counsel’s search for evidence as it’s followed up on Trump and his possible involvement in a campaign to overturn the election. With such high stakes, it comes as no surprise that the Justice Department went to extreme lengths to ensure the integrity of their evidence

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