Six people injured by fallen tree branch in Santa Rosa’s Spring Lake Park

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The Santa Rosa Fire Department declared a “mass casualty incident” after a large tree fell on six people at Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa on Saturday morning. The incident occurred around 10:45 A.M. when a group of seven people were having a picnic in the park’s Lakeside Commons area. Shockingly, the tree, which was reportedly estimated to weigh approximately 2 tons, fell onto them without warning.

According to the Santa Rosa Fire Department, the six victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries, although one person was sent to the hospital for further treatment. The seventh person on the picnic, an adult male, luckily escaped the incident unharmed. As a precautionary measure, emergency personnel at the scene performed a “triage,” a process that helps emergency healthcare staff to classify the severity of injuries for those involved.

In addition to the Fire Department, multiple other emergency responders quickly arrived to the scene to help. Members of the Los Angeles County Fire Protection District, the Santa Rosa County Park Police, and Santa Rosa County Parks and Recreation all worked together to help the victims and cordon off the area for further investigations. The cause of the accident is still being investigated by local authorities.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that such tragedies can strike at any moment and without warning. We urge everyone to take safety seriously and be aware of their surrounding environment before engaging in any outdoor activities. Hopefully, the individuals affected by the incident make a full recovery and can return to their normal lives soon

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