Search demanded in Winnipeg-area landfill; government apathy condemned

Search demanded in Winnipeg-area landfill; government apathy condemned

Grassroots activists continue to put pressure on the Province of Manitoba in the wake of their refusal to conduct a search of the Prairie Green Landfill for the missing remains of two Indigenous women. The Premier of Manitoba has cited multiple risk factors for not completing the search, but these claims have been at least partially debunked by experts. People across Canada, including First Nations leaders, unions, and individuals, are voicing their support for the search and pushing for justice for the families of these missing women.

The call for a search of the landfill is nothing new—for decades, Indigenous people have been calling for justice in unfilled cases of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). Protesters have set up blockades on the way into the landfill, and a second camp in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. This is a grassroots initiative, with support from the Canadian Labour Congress, the Manitoba Federation of Labour, and CUPE Manitoba.

These calls for a search of the landfill and justice for MMIWG come just weeks after Prime Minister Trudeau called this situation an “ongoing genocide.” To put this into action, NDP Winnipeg-Centre MP Leah Gazan has written to the UN, requesting a study into Canada’s compliance with UNDRIP.

The “Search the Landfill” hashtag has been picking up traction on social media, with prominent figures lending their voices to the movement. Individuals like Dominic HK Beaudry and Sean Carleton, Winnipeg Police Cause Harm, Marit Stiles, and many others are joining together in the quest for justice.

This is a momentous time for MMIWG issues in Canada, with the grassroots movement continuing to speak out against the government’s refusal to search the landfill. The increased pressure has led the federal Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller to call the provincial government’s decision “heartless.”

That’s why it’s important now more than ever to use our voices to support the efforts for justice to be served. Without the support of the Canadian people, this movement cannot succeed. In order to secure the rights of Indigenous people and to put an end to this crisis, it’s essential to have the people behind us.

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