Royal Family LIVE: Harry and Meghan ‘demanding names’ after being snubbed for an Emmy

Royal Family LIVE: Harry and Meghan ‘demanding names’ after being snubbed for an Emmy

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made headlines after being snubbed for an Emmy nomination for their six-part series Harry & Meghan. Released on Netflix in December 2022, the show broke the streaming platform’s record for a documentary debut with total viewership hours of over 81.6 million in its first four days. But amid rumors of a ‘campaign’ to prevent the series from being nominated, the Sussexes are reportedly left feeling disenchanted.

Royalty followers know better than anyone the love Harry and Meghan feel for one another and the loyalty felt by fans. It seems all the more disheartening to have the press’s opinion come in and take away the ability to make a statement about their own work. Yet the couple remain as committed to their various causes and charitable initiatives as ever, turning their attention to humanitarianism and strengthening their impact as separated royals.

According to a source, the couple are labeling this snub as a “huge kick in the teeth,” yet remain hopeful that their “capacity to surprise” will grant them success in other projects. Their work in Invictus Games will be released sometime later this summer, and there have been rumors of an upcoming initiative to offset recent setbacks.

On the opposite side of the topic, security expert Kent Moyer has warned that the couple will be taking on the “biggest security risk of their lives” should they decide to move to Malibu. With plenty of people aware of their address in Montecito, California, the celebrity enclave and its elevated profile just outside Los Angeles could prove to be a dangerous decision.

The bottom line? Harry and Meghan’s continued work remains commendable, and the support of their fans has been as unwavering as ever. While the snub from the Emmys may have been a disappointment, it is likely this hardworking couple will be getting back on their feet quickly and forging ahead with their important projects

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