Rescue teams dig for quake survivors, bodies in Morocco mountain villages

Rescue teams dig for quake survivors, bodies in Morocco mountain villages

Rescue teams are stepping up their efforts to reach the devastated Moroccan mountain villages that were heavily damaged by the recent earthquake that occurred late Friday. With a 6.8 magnitude, it has been the strongest on record with nearly 3,000 people dead and 5,674 injured. Although past the 72-hour window for rescuing survivors, search teams are still scouring the rubble for the living.

Vehicles packed with supplies are ascending winding mountain roads to deliver urgently needed food and tents to the survivors. Smaller quakes are still shaking the disaster zone, with one sending stones falling in the village of Imi N’Tala, where at least one person was injured. Some villages are still inaccessible by road due to landslides but efforts are being made to clear the blocked roads.

Moroccan citizens have stepped in to provide aid to the quake victims with food, water, blankets and donations, while members of the national football team have also contributed. The yellow government-issued tents are temporary solutions to provide comfort in the meantime, yet with the rain comes colder temperatures – leaving many without a roof over their heads. Helicopters have been flown in to evacuate the injured from the remote areas.

The devastation from the quake is not purely physical, with the nation in deep mourning after losing thousands of lives. Rebuilding the hard-hit mountain villages and completing urgent repairs to the tourist hub of Marrakesh, including its UNESCO-listed historic centre, is expected to a huge job requiring a lot of support from foreign aid.

In conclusion, with the enormous magnitude of destruction, Morocco has faced the worst of this earthquake in more than six decades. The need for international aid is great in order to bring in urgent relief for the survivors and to rebuild the infrastructure of the country. The efforts of the rescue team, national football team, and also Moroccan citizens, are an enormous sign of hope for the future

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