NiQuan says plant ‘fully operational’

NiQuan says plant ‘fully operational’

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NIQUAN Energy Ltd is pushing back against claims made in the Parliament on Friday that it is still shut down following a fatal incident earlier this year. According to the energy company, the only hindrance to operations is gas supply shortages from its supplier. The incident being referred to occurred on June 15 when a pipe-fitter with Massy Energy Engineered Solutions Ltd suffered severe burns, eventually passing away.

In response to this, NIQUAN Energy Ltd was issued with a prohibition notice by OSHA pertaining to the particular activity associated with the purging and steaming of the piping in question. NIQUAN has since complied with the notice and OSHA has subsequently removed it. The company also claims that it has implemented all critical corrective recommendations and non-critical preventative recommendations from the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) investigation, and has received its Certificate of Compliance from OSHA.

Despite this, NIQUAN Energy Ltd is still in the midst of litigation in the High Court where an application for an injunction against the Trinidad and Tobago Upstream Downstream Energy Operations Company Ltd and the Office of the Attorney General was dismissed. In reaction to this decision, the energy company has filed a Notice of Appeal with the Court of Appeal to challenge the ruling.

NIQUAN Energy Ltd is confident that it has done all that it can to comply with all regulations and protocol, and is now actively awaiting for the resumption of its gas supply from its supplier. The company has stated that its plant is fully operational when there is available gas supply in the contracted quantities, and has produced 15,000 barrels of oil in the last year with a limited supply of gas.

Therefore, despite claims made in the Parliament, it appears that NIQUAN Energy Ltd is well on its way to resuming business as soon as the gas supply guarantees are delivered. This incident should serve as a reminder for all energy companies to be vigilant in ensuring that safety protocols are strictly adhered to in order to avoid similar unfortunate incidents in the future

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