Ninalowo Bolanle Spills On Why He Got Separated From Wife Of Over 19 Years, Bunmi

Ninalowo Bolanle Spills On Why He Got Separated From Wife Of Over 19 Years, Bunmi

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Ninalowo Bolanle, a well-known Nollywood actor, has come forward to finally reveal the reason behind his shocking marriage breakdown. After 19 years of being married to his wife, Bunmi, the actor recently shared this heartbreaking news on his social media accounts.

In a deeply emotional post, Ninalowo said he had accepted the “reality of the end of a road” with his wife. While it was a difficult decision, he recognized that it was necessary for the sake of a ‘peaceful and loveable future’ for their two children, Aliyah and Morakinyo, and for his mental health. His post admitted the sadness of the situation, but also spoke of a brighter future ahead.

In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Ninalowo discussed the mistakes he had made. He confessed that he felt too young and had gone on cheating sprees, breaking his wife’s heart in the process. His careless behavior had slowly started to push her away until eventually, he became a stranger in his own home.

Though his marriage was not meant to be, Ninalowo’s story gives people an important reminder. As individuals, relationships with others – whether it be family, friends, or partners – require constant work and effort, and neglecting these relationships can lead to dire consequences.

The sad news of Ninalowo and Bunmi’s marriage ending has understandably taken a toll on their children and their fans. However, this experience has been a learning opportunity that can be used to help others in the future. Hopefully, the actor can soon find joy and peace in his life

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