Netanyahu meets security chiefs amid ongoing Hezbollah provocations on border

Netanyahu meets security chiefs amid ongoing Hezbollah provocations on border

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Amid Rising Tensions on the Israel-Lebanon Border, Netanyahu Meets with Top Security Brass

The future of Israeli-Lebanese border tensions is on everyone’s minds as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Israel’s top defense brass on Sunday for a security assessment meeting to explore courses of action proposed by the military.

The security assessment included Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and the heads of the military, Mossad and Shin Bet in addition to other top-ranking security officials. The Prime Minister’s office reported that Netanyahu accepted the recommendations and courses of action proposed, but did not elaborate on what was discussed.

In response to threats made by Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah — that Hezbollah would “respond to any ‘stupid act’ by Israel” during his address to mark the Shiite festival Ashura — Netanyahu said at Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting that “we are not impressed” by Nasrallah’s threats.

Since early June, tensions have been mounting due to the controversial presence of two tents set up by Hezbollah in the contested Mount Dov region. In a recent incident, Lebanese citizens were recorded waving Hezbollah flags on the Israeli border.

Reports from a Hezbollah-affiliated correspondent indicated that the UN peacekeeping force had set a barrier near the contested village of Ghajar, and some young Lebanese men crossed this barrier. However, the suspects did not cross into sovereign Israeli territory.

In response to the rising tensions along the border, the IDF has been bolstering forces and Defense Minister Gallant has reportedly approved various courses of action which might include a military response if the situation worsens.

The senior security source for Walla news reported that Hezbollah has miscalculated the readiness of the IDF, and has thus been coordinating with Hamas in preparation for potential risks. A recent IDF exercise assessed the timely mobilization of the Shimshon Battalion in response to potential Hezbollah forces penetrating Israeli territory.

While it is certainly concerning that tensions between Israel and Lebanon are rising, the government’s top security officials have a range of courses of action that can be taken in order to defuse the present situation and protect Israeli safety. Hopefully, diplomacy will prevail and open conflict will be avoided

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