Nasty C Shares Why He’s Dropping 18 Songs On His Forthcoming Album

Nasty C Shares Why He’s Dropping 18 Songs On His Forthcoming Album

As South African Hip-hop continues to rise and strengthen its mark in the public’s eyes,Nasty C is currently gearing up to release his upcoming album which many people perceive as his best work yet.

Recently the rapper shared why he plans on putting out 18 songs on his forthcoming album. With each project Nasty C has grown as an artist and as a person, and it appears he intends to keep pushing creative boundaries and bring something special to the table.

He stated that he was initially planning on releasing 16 tracks but he is now considering settling for 18. Nasty C believes that the number of songs, allows him to create the context he’s creating for the album.

“Every time I make a sequence for this thing is so hard like I ended up being in the 20s, I’m like nah boy I can’t even do 18,” he said.

Nasty C is extremely motivated and driven thus far with what he has accomplished and his excitement as a father to be can also be seen through his words. Nasty C had this to say: “Im on a whole different wave man, I feel so good as an artist, as a person, as a father, as a partner to somebody, I feel amazing man. Im so inspired, I’m so motivated, so driven, so f**ckn patient with myself, so happy with where I’m taking this sound, trying to grow myself musically,”

As the release of the album nears, fans are looking forward to all the greatness that’s to come. Allowing 18 songs on the album, allows Nasty C to enter a new creative realm and leaves fans eager to see what he has in store for them

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