NASA listens for Voyager 2 spacecraft after wrong command cuts contact

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NASA is doing all it can to reestablish contact with Voyager 2, one of two probes that launched 41 years ago to study the outer reaches of our solar system. Approximately 11 billion miles away, the spacecraft last had communication with earth controllers more than a week ago when a wrong command was sent, inadvertently pointing the antenna away from earth. The mishap has caused a cosmic silence of sorts, and everyone’s ears are now primed as they listen for any indication of connection.

The Voyager 2 mission, which began in 1977, is a historic effort of exploration for the NASA space agency. It has given us an invaluable window into the incredible mysteries of the universe and continues to carry out its research program in far-off places of our solar system.

But, for a time, the mission brought us to the brink of silence. Fortunately, quick-thinking engineers were able to troubleshoot the problem and put together a plan to send a new command that will potentially put the antenna back in its original position, enabling Voyager 2 to re-establish its connection.

NASA has taken a very proactive approach in driving this mission. Flight engineers and control centers have worked around the clock to carefully analyze the situation and come up with a strategy to restore the connection with the spacecraft.

While it’s certainly an anxious time for the team, they remain hopeful that all will soon be resolved and that Voyager 2 will get back on track. As of today, the attempted correction of the wrong command has been successfully applied, and the space agency is now in a wait mode as it listens intently for any peep from Voyager 2.

The thought of losing any form of communication with Voyager 2 was certainly disconcerting for the space agency, but the pride and satisfaction to see the ingenuity of engineers in guiding this mission continues to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. Whatever the result, it has certainly been an extraordinary journey of exploration, and the agency is optimistic that the mission will get back to working properly again soon

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