Moroccans Sleep In Streets For 3rd Night Following Earthquake That Killed More Than 2,100

Moroccans Sleep In Streets For 3rd Night Following Earthquake That Killed More Than 2,100

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Morocco Devastated By Historic Earthquake

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake rocked the Atlas Mountains region of Morocco late Friday night, leaving over 2,100 dead and compromising the stability of more than 300,000 in the area. One third of the population has been sleeping in the streets for three days due to fear of further aftershocks.

The government of Morocco is only accepting aid from four countries – Spain, Qatar, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates – and aid teams from other countries have grown frustrated waiting for the green light to land and provide assistance. Arnaud Fraisse, founder of Rescuers Without Borders stated that his team is “stuck in Paris waiting for the green light” and that “people are dying under the rubble”.

The United Nations already has a team in Morocco coordinating international efforts, however. Some of the worst damage was done in rural communities that rely on overly narrow and precarious roads that have since been blocked by fallen rocks; officials announced, however, that the army had mobilized search and rescue teams that were sent to the region along with food, medical supplies and blankets.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco declared three days of national mourning starting Sunday, during which flags were lowered and mosques held special prayers for the victims. He also ordered blood donations from the citizens of Morocco in order to help the wounded.

Residents of the affected villages are yet to find homes, many searching for comfort in nearby mountains, ditches, and tents that were provided by the government. The amount of infants, children, and elderly hurt by the earthquake is staggering, making the recovery process that much more difficult.

In exchange for aid, countries impacted by the disaster have influential ties to the affected. France, for example, has reported four of its citizens as casualties and offered more than two million euros; the Czech Republic, similarly, has offered its aid and support.

The government of Morocco is grateful for any and all support from international communities, but hopes that becoming a traffic zone for relief helicopters and ground troops don’t distract from the internal efforts created by citizens and the emergency response systems in place.

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