Ministerial nominee, Mohammed Idris: Profile in entrepreneurship, service to humanity

Ministerial nominee, Mohammed Idris: Profile in entrepreneurship, service to humanity

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Every now and again, there comes a leader in any clime who brings something different to his field. Today, Alhaji Muhammad Idris, the ministerial nominee from Niger State falls into that category. He stands out as a renowned entrepreneur and the publisher of Blueprint Newspaper based in Abuja, Nigeria, most people refer to him simply as chairman. With the traditional title of Kakaaki Nupe, Idris can be described as a self- made and has come to prominence through hard-work and his relentless entrepreneurship. Having attained a Masters degree in English and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sokoto, Idris has participated in the success of many organizations.

Idris has been a defining force in the establishment and running of Bifocal Communications Limited, as the Lead Consultant and Chairman for over 30 years. At the same time, he served as a Communications Consultant to the Federal Government Project to promote Girl Child Education, and later as Communications Consultant on the Promotion of Nomadic Education in Northern Nigeria. Not to be outdone by his charitable involvements,Idris aided in setting up and running of Blueprint Newspapers, Blueprint Weekend and Manhaja, which has become the Secondary most read newspaper in Northern Nigeria. His efforts over the years earned him the Media Icon Award by the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Special Recognition Award by National Association of Niger, Meritorious Service Award by Abuja Property Development Company and appointment as Kakaaki Nupe by the Etsu Nupe.

Not one to rest on his laurels however, Idris led the committee that developed and implemented Training Guide for Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) across Nigeria, facilitated the Design and Implementation of Strategic Communications Guidelines for the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, and hosted The Blueprint Annual Impact Series and Awards. With these accomplishments and more it is clear that under the able deliberations of Alhaji Muhammad Idris, his ambitions for Niger State will bear succulent fruits for her citizens.

Above all, he is known to be a humble man who always reaches out to those in need of assistance. Idris holds a mission statement of providing a purposeful and result-oriented leadership at the highest level of policy formulation and implementation in the executive branch of the Nigerian government. In conclusion, Alhaji Muhammad Idris’s steadfast resolve and experience will prove invaluable in Nigeria’s pursuit of national growth and economic development

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