Mini-review: Using the Pixel Fold as Google’s smallest phone

Mini-review: Using the Pixel Fold as Google’s smallest phone

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Our Take on the Pixel Fold: What a Small Phone Should Feel Like

Google has been playing around with some new phone designs lately, but the Pixel Fold stands out from the crowd. While most of us are used to large devices, this foldable phone has a surprisingly small 5.8-inch display that offers a very different experience.

Due to the Pixel Fold’s wide screen, the overall body size and weight feels a bit unexpected. With a thickness of essentially two Pixel 7 Pro phones stacked together, the device feels like a small paper notebook. And although the media often talks about the slimness of phones, the Pixel Fold offers certain benefits from its thickness; such as longer battery life and improved specs.

When looking at the physical aspects of the phone, the Pixel Fold marks an interesting what-if experience. It’s larger and heavier than a typical small phone, but its width and physical strength make it more convenient to carry than a standard tablet. Not to mention, its taller power button is great for the Fingerprint Sensor.

With the wider display, the Pixel Fold also offers features you may not find in other phones. For example, it comes with 12 GB of RAM, a feature that makes apps stay in memory longer with fewer reloads. It also has a Telephoto Lens for great shots, and a delightfully Material You-style camera bar.

Overall, the Pixel Fold makes for an absurd “small” phone, but it’s an amusing experiment. Despite its extra width, thickness, and weight, the phone makes for an exciting take on what a small phone should feel like.

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