‘Mighty Mighty’ the song inspired by the Lionesses | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports

‘Mighty Mighty’ the song inspired by the Lionesses | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports

As football fans all over the world gear up for the Women’s World Cup, there is an inspiring example closer to home that is well worth celebrating. Meet the Battle Axes, a team of women aged 41 to 75 who were inspired to start a football team last year by the remarkable run of the England Lionesses during the 2019 EURO tournament.

The Battle Axes have now gone a step further in their enthusiasm for their newfound passion and have come up with a song called “Mighty Mighty” to salute their love for the sport. The song is a tribute to the game and celebrates the joy of playing together no matter what your age.

The group of women met a year ago and come from various backgrounds. They are mothers, grandmothers, and professionals with one thing in common – a passion for the sport. Most of them had not played football before and had no real knowledge of the game, but the Lionesses’ success and the camaraderie of football motivated them to start their own team.

The Battle Axes’ World Cup song was created and performed by members of the team and celebrates all the values of the sport – playing together, working as a team, and striving for excellence. The song also serves to highlight the power that football has to bring people of different ages and backgrounds together. It is a message that is especially relevant during the upcoming Women’s World Cup, and the group is hoping to inspire not just their own community but the world with their passion for the game.

The Battle Axes encourage everyone, regardless of age or background, to have fun when playing football. As they say, “If we can do it, anyone can!” The group’s slogan for the World Cup is “Have a Kick-Ass Summer” and their song is sure to give football fans around the world the passion to cheer their teams on during the tournament.

The Battle Axes’ story is an inspiring example of the power of the game to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together. Their World Cup song will surely motivate and encourage football fans across the world and get everyone even more excited for the upcoming tournament

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