Marketing leads other sectors in generative AI acceptance

Marketing leads other sectors in generative AI acceptance

The Gartner study’s finding that consumers are more enamored with generative AI in marketing than in other sectors is an immensely important insight. It signals that consumers are indeed ready to accept genAI in various areas of marketing. But, where will marketers take this technology and how will this help build consumer trust?

According to recent survey results collected by Gartner, close to 40% of all surveyed consumers indicated that they were very or somewhat comfortable with genAI technology used in marketing. It’s significantly higher than the comfort level for other sectors like manufacturing, health care, and legal services – where uncomfortable consumers equaled or far outweighed those who were comfortable.

GenAI has already brought new capabilities to many marketers, but consumer trust needs to also be taken into account. This comfort level amongst consumers presents marketers with a unique opportunity to leverage genAI in areas such as customer experience, lead generation, advertising, and product marketing.

In terms of marketing-related sectors, the outlook for genAI is mixed. For retail, the sentiments are close to a 50-50 split between comfortable and uncomfortable consumers, whereas for customer service the scales are tipped more against the technology. Interestingly, most organizations are using genAI more for content marketing (76%) rather than marketing operations (just 30%), public relations (16%), or branding (also 16%).

These benefits of genAI has been seen to outweigh the potential risks associated with the technology. Despite the fact that the majority of consumers (53%) believe genAI will have a negative impact on society, they are more open to its adoption in marketing specifically.

The study found that marketers are using and planning to use genAI in marketing projects, so it’s clearly working for them. However, moving forward, it would be peudicial of marketers to ignore consumer concerns and comfort levels about genAI. Keeping consumers informed and involved as AI technologies continue to become more advanced is essential.

At the end of the day, marketers must play an active role in educating consumers about the potential of genAI and its positive effect on the marketing industry. By taking the proper steps with transparency and respect, marketers can gain much needed consumer trust – and hopefully win over the skeptics who aren’t yet comfortable with the technology

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