Manipur: Six Killed in Bishnupur, Churachandpur in Latest Round of Violence on Saturday

Manipur: Six Killed in Bishnupur, Churachandpur in Latest Round of Violence on Saturday

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New Delhi: In a tragic display of violence, six people were killed in Manipur on Saturday. Three people from the Meitei community were reportedly gunned down while asleep in Kwakta in Bishnupur district of Manipur. The father-son duo, amongst the three dead, were staying in a relief camp. Following the killings, a large group of women protested in Uripok, demanding that peace be brought to the region.

In a separate incident, two Kuki men were killed and three were severely injured in retaliatory firing by security forces. This occurred in two neighbouring villages — Phoujang and Songdo — which fall in Churachandpur district. Simultaneously, in Terakhongsangbi, Bishnupur district, one person was killed and three others, including a police commando, were injured.

The ongoing ethnic clash between Meitei and Kuki communities has caused devastating fatalities, with over 150 estimated to have lost their lives, and about thousands displaced. People of Manipur have long sought peace in their state, and these recent string of violence have been highly condemnable.

The police have been constantly striving to restore law and order in the area, amid lack of awareness and readiness from local people. Unrest in this region has been lasting long enough and the government needs to exercise considerable effort in handling the situation. It is only with increased security presence and proactive measures against violence that stability and security can be brought back to the state.

Strong measures against such heinous acts of violence must be taken so as to ensure the safety of all the citizens of Manipur. The people of the state are in dire need of more sincere attempts by the government to bring about lasting peace in the region. A sense of justice must be provided to the affected and more creative ways must be devised to tackle the conflict taking place

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