Man who killed and attempted to cook an ibis sentenced to prison

Man who killed and attempted to cook an ibis sentenced to prison

Delving Further into Animal Cruelty: Man Who Killed and Attempted to Cook an Ibis Sentenced to Prison

Recently in Sydney, Australia, a 60-year-old man who had slaughtered an ibis, hung it to dry in his shower, and attempted to cook the bird, was jailed for six months. Tom Quach had taken the ibis from a park, stuffed it in his backpack, and rode a stolen bike to his home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The act of cruelty was remembered and Quach pleaded guilty and was convicted on ten counts of animal cruelty, shoplifting, and drug possession.

Shock arose as the court documents stated that Quach allegedly said when he was high on meth, he enjoyed hurting the Australian white ibis prior to cooking and eating the bird. Magistrate Michael Price referred to this “raft of matters” and proceeded to sentence Quach to six-months of jail, running concurrently for both the animal cruelty and shoplifting charges. Price labelled the torture and beating of the ibis as especially serious, and further chastised Quach for not fulfilling his responsibility of civil society.

Nevertheless, Quack’s defense lawyer, Hayley Le, urged the magistrate to consider a drug rehabilitation program instead of imprisonment, arguing that Quack’s mental condition was not being helped by his ongoing substance abuse. It was also noted that this is the second time Quack has been charged for attacking an ibis, as he was arrested in March for a similar reason, but viewers intervened.

The Australian white ibis is a protected species under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. Quack is to be released on February 8th, 2024. It is not to be forgotten that animal cruelty should not be tolerated and will be punished. It is a responsibility of each individual to understand and abide by the laws of respecting all creatures. Beyond Blue and Embrace Multicultural Mental Health are two fantastic resources for encouragement and support for anyone that is struggling.

It is important to remember that any act of cruelty should not be tolerated. Respecting all creatures and their lives should take priority over any selfish act of maltreatment. It is our responsibility as citizens to not only follow the laws but to also observe any action that may harm a living creature. Hopefully, this helps encourage and remind us all of the value of each creature’s life

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