Live Nation Teams Up with FUZE Technology to Provide More Charging Stations at Shows

Live Nation Teams Up with FUZE Technology to Provide More Charging Stations at Shows

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Live Nation recently announced a strategic partnership and equity investment with FUZE Technology, a mobile phone charging platform, in order to meet the increasingly mobile needs of concertgoers. The collaboration includes the equipping of Live Nation music festivals and venues across the U.S. with chargeFUZE kiosks, providing millions of concertgoers with convenient portable phone chargers to ensure they do not miss out on any of the action when their batteries run low.

Fans can visit any chargeFUZE kiosk at a Live Nation event and scan a QR code in order to rent a portable charger. These chargers come with various cable options to accommodate different devices, while returning the charger or keeping it for future use is made easier as well.

Live Nation’s VP of Brand Management, Jessica Isaacs, stated that phones have become an integral part of the live music experience, and the partnership with FUZE is strategically aiming to provide fans with an even better experience. It allows them to enjoy a live event without having to worry about their battery life, and also offers uninterrupted connectivity throughout.

FUZE Technology co-founders Brandon Afari and Ryan Levy further elaborated on the aim of the partnership, stating that the collaboration is a way of understanding the needs of live music enthusiasts in a modern day world. It serves as a means of providing an elevated experience to them, one that frees them from the anxiety of having a dying battery.

Live Nation also reports that a significant portion of their audience contributes to live event music experiences by capturing and sharing memories on social media. This initiative hopes to ensure that fans are fully powered-up and connected throughout these experiences without worrying about battery life.

The collaboration is expected to reach over 300 Live Nation venues and festivals in the next few years, including over 45 venues and 30 festivals in the current year. Concertgoers can now enjoy a seamless, fully connected live event experience thanks to the strategic partnership between two leading organizations in the industry, Live Nation and FUZE Technology

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