Lawyer bust for allegedly attempting to bribe prosecutor to suppress client’s case

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According to a spokesperson for the South African Police Service, Advocate Hangwani Mulaudzi, a lawyer by the name of Raphebale Mothemane was recently arrested in connection with a bribery case. Mothemane was taken into custody after he allegedly tried to bribe a member of the National Prosecuting Authority, offering them the sum of R50,000 in exchange for filing representations in favour of his client or making the state’s case disappear.

His arrest was carried out by a team of Serious Corruption Investigation officers, and Mothemane was later released on bail for an amount of R5,000. He is due to make an appearance in court again on October 9th. This case is yet another example of the power of the law, and goes to show that criminal activity, such as bribery, will not be tolerated.

Even in the face of such allegations, it is important to remember that Mothemane is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. However, if he is found guilty, then the punishment he receives should serve as a stern warning to others who might consider engaging in similar activities.

Bribery of any form is a severe crime that can have far-reaching effects, and those found guilty of doing so must face the consequences. This case should be a reminder of the importance of upholding the laws of our country, and that one cannot simply buy their way out of trouble. It is hoped that these events will pave the way for a corruption-free society, and that justice is served in the end

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