Iraq condemns yet another Holy Quran desecration in Copenhagen

Iraq condemns yet another Holy Quran desecration in Copenhagen

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It’s sad to see the desecration of a holy book in such a manner, but that’s exactly what happened recently when two anti-Islam protesters set fire to a copy of the Holy Quran in front of the Iraqi embassy in Denmark. This event struck a chord in both Iraq and Iran, leading to protests and demonstrations in both countries.

Iraq took this act of desecration very seriously and strongly condemned it. Iraq’s foreign ministry spoke out against the freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate advocated by the European Union countries. To show anger and agitation, demonstrators in Iraq set the Swedish embassy on fire, and the Danish embassy’s staff was forced to leave Iraq due to the protests.

The Danish foreign minister also expressed his extreme displeasure and condemned the incident, tweeting that such “provocative and shameful acts” should not be encouraged nor accepted. The minister highlighted that violence should never be the response and appealed to all to deescalate the situation.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, also shared his opinion and said that such Islamophobic acts must be combatted through collective efforts. He had a conversation with the Secretary General of Organisation of Islamic Council, Hissein Brahim Taha, during which they discussed the repeated acts of desecration of the Holy Quran around the world.

In the event of such a tragedy, it’s important that both countries and their representatives come together and unite to try and resolve the problem peacefully. Only then will the desecration of the Holy book diminished in its prevalence, allowing the world to remain peaceful and in harmony

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