Iowa State Game vs. Longhorns Named in Gambling Scandal

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When surfing the internet, you may have seen the message “

Please enable JS and disable any ad blocker

“. It’s an important message as JavaScript (JS) is a key component of how websites interact with users and ad blockers can interfere with this.

JavaScript is a computer language that helps create interactive websites. When you visit a website, JS helps create an enhanced user experience where elements like videos, animations, and audio can be enjoyed without having to click multiple times or wait for pages to update. It’s essential for any website to function correctly so that you can see the entire page and complete any activities that it has enabled.

Ad blockers are programs designed to block annoying advertising, but they can sometimes interfere with a website’s functionality. When visitors to a website have an adblocker enabled, it can prevent some elements of the website from being visible or functioning properly. This is why it’s important to disable your ad blocker while visiting sites that rely on JavaScript to function correctly.

You can usually easily enable and disable both JavaScript and ad blockers. For example, on Google Chrome, you can access the settings menu to turn these options off. You may need to do this for certain websites if you have a problem loading or seeing certain elements. On other browsers, the process may be slightly different.

In short, if you see the message “

Please enable JS and disable any ad blocker

” while visiting a website, make sure that JavaScript is enabled and that you disable your adblocker. Doing so will ensure that you can see the full website and experience it as designed

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