Inmates at Maximum-Security Prison Gather to Worship God Together

Inmates at Maximum-Security Prison Gather to Worship God Together

For years, God Behind Bars, a Christian ministry, has worked to bring faith and worship to inmates in maximum-security prisons. Recently, the ministry shared a video on Instagram of inmates gathering in a prison chapel to worship and praise God.

The video shows a 150 inmates worshiping and praising God. A speaker in the video tells the inmates “Some of you guys in this room — this is one of the only moments that you just have your time with the Lord. It might always be chaos or noise … so I just want to take a moment and allow you guys … to just spend some time with Jesus, reflect, begin to think of things that you’re grateful for.” The song “Gratitude” by Brandon Lake was played as the inmates celebrated their time alone with God.

God Behind Bars is dedicated to bringing faith and worship to inmates, as seen in the video they have shared. The ministry reports that 130 inmates were recently baptized at a federal prison with 90 of them being women. This moment was a holy one as “addictions are breaking, forgiveness is reigning, and Jesus is winning.”

In addition to special events, the ministry also released the PandoApp, a faith-based app that gives inmates access to worship music and sermons on an approved tablet. The ultimate goal of God Behind Bars is to introduce inmates to Jesus.

An inmate, after being incarcerated for 25 years, told CBN News that he tries to sing worship songs when he is feeling lonely. He went on to share about how God has changed his life through joy and maintaining a positive spirit in difficult situations.

Worshiping God in prison can be a powerful experience, as seen in the video shared by God Behind Bars. Even during trials and chaos, inmates have a chance to look to God for peace and joy. We are grateful for the ministry’s continued work to bring faith to prison inmates and share their stories of transformation through Jesus

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