India: Parliament special session to move to new building from Ganesh Chaturthi

India: Parliament special session to move to new building from Ganesh Chaturthi

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The Indian Government’s announcement of a five day special session of Parliament from September 18 to 22 has left everyone speculating on its agenda, especially given the rumours of official documents referring to India as “Bharat”. It has come to light that the session will begin in the old building on September 18 and will shift to the new Parliament building on September 19, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

The session reportedly will focus on the proposed “One Nation, One Election”, or the Uniform Civil Code, which will formulate and implement personal laws equally among all citizens. The Opposition, led by Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing their views on the decision especially since the venue for the session clashes with the date of the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. JD(U) leader Neeraj Kumar voiced his thoughts, accusing the government of “hurting the sentiments of Hindus”.

Some reports suggest that the session could also involve discussion of a range of other issues including the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, the economic condition of the country, new reforms among many other potential topics.

Though the agenda is still being speculated, the special session of Parliament, no doubt, brings with it the potential to address various issues in India and the opportunity to take the country forward. As citizens we must look to the session’s outcome with anticipation and hope that the 2019 election’s mandate would be seen in full effect

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