If Ian Cameron were Minister of Policeā€¦

If Ian Cameron were Minister of Policeā€¦

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If crime fighter Ian Cameron had his way, the South African Police Service (SAPS) would look very different. As the Minister of Police, he would start with a complete overhaul of the top structure. A national commissioner who is actually held to account and understands he is providing a service to the citizens of South Africa, and is not simply taking orders from the Minister of Police.

Next, a skills audit of the ā€œTop 10ā€ would ensure those appointed are those with the right qualifications and experience, and not just political appointees. A polygraph process would help to weed out the corrupt in the senior structure, and a recruitment process with an emphasis on integrity and transparency of service would create a police force the nation would be proud of. Better training and more detectives along with the return of reservists would finally provide a service that families could depend on.

Furthermore, Cameron has an update on the recent N1 VIP Police scandal; where members of Deputy President Paul Mashatileā€™s VIP Protection Unit detail assaulted unarmed civilians. He tells BizNews that suspicious steps are being taken to try and delay justice for the victims, as well as attempting to withhold important medical reports.

Action Society, led by Cameron, are determined to ensure the thugs involved are held accountable, and that citizens no longer feel they are second class. As for the belated suspension of the eight members, Cameron says it is nothing more than a paid holiday.

Cameronā€™s ambitious ideas make it clear that the citizens of South Africa would be able to trust their police force if he were the Minister of Police. He provides hope that justice and accountability can be restored, but only time will tell if the SAPS will meet his high standards

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