I Sprinkle This Savory (and Vegan!) Spice Mix on Everything

I Sprinkle This Savory (and Vegan!) Spice Mix on Everything

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If you’re looking to add some flavor to your (mostly) vegetarian meals without sacrificing convenience, you must try All Day’s Crave seasoning, the vegan nutritional-yeast-based spice blend. This magical seasoning features an awesome lineup of garlic, onion, red bell pepper, and turmeric to give your meals that big Doritos energy without the sodium. Crave helps you create delicious creations in a snap, so you don’t have to spend hours infusing flavor into your meals.

All Day is the creative brainchild of Starday, a food company with a mission to make snacks that busy Americans really want. Starday’s products are all based on customer data and intended to address certain pain points. For example, their Cozumi brand sells pre-seasoned, ready-to-cook rice developed especially for the IBS girlies; their Gooey brand has everything you love about Nutella, minus the refined sugar and emulsifiers; and Habeya’s plant-based protein crunchies can be sprinkled over salads, grain bowls, and soups.

For those looking to add an extra kick to their meals, All Day also offers several other seasoning blends, such as Fuego (a sweet-spicy explosion featuring apple, chile, and miso); Poppin (this one’s bright and peppy courtesy of crystallized lemon); and Boom (umami overdrive with dehydrated mushrooms and tomato). I personally find that I rarely reach for anything else once these seasonings are on my spice rack.

If you’re a busy vegetarian like me longing to add flavor to your meals without sacrificing convenience, All Day’s Crave seasoning should be the first one on your spice rack. It’s a flavor powerhouse that helps make cooking exciting

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