I Have Joined The Cult Of ‘Remnant 2,’ And You Should Too

I Have Joined The Cult Of ‘Remnant 2,’ And You Should Too

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Remnant 2 is the newest game from Gunfire Games and has already managed to capture the attention of many gamers with its unique style of gameplay. Much like Outriders and other similar “Souls-like” games, you progress through levels, save your progress at designated campfire check points, and respawn enemies. But Remnant 2 goes a step further, adding an intriguing story and being loaded with creative enemy design that will keep you guessing.

For starters, the plot of Remnant 2 is interesting, though not particularly compelling at this point. You enter a crystal which turns out to be a gateway to different worlds, each one full of mysteries that you must solve. You gain access to these worlds by defeating a demon in a game of chess, a task which I found to be unexpectedly fun.

The combat is relatively straightforward, but still very satisfying. You choose your weapons and class abilities, such as a tanky challenger which can ground stomp enemies, and then activate special relics for healing or additional powers. But what truly sets Remnant 2 apart from other games in the shooter space is the enemy design. Even early in the game, you will come across inventive and unique monsters that will challenge you to the maximum. Furthermore, the boss encounters are both creative and innovative.

Beyond combat, there are plenty of secrets to uncover in Remnant 2. Small secrets like hidden items or dungeons and more complex ones such as unlocking entire subclasses by datamining. Whether you’re in it for the story or for the challenge, this game aims to be infinitely replayable.

In terms of looting, you will mostly find rings and relics as the game does not have a plethora of weapons, but encourages creativity and special modifications to make the weapons feel unique. It’s clear Remnant 2 draws inspiration from soulslikes in many of its design choices, but it also stands out as its own creature.

For all of these reasons, I strongly recommend Remnant 2 and I’m looking forward to sinking hours into this game. If you’re on the fence, just remember that it’s a game that rewards creativity and exploration with secrets at every turn

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