Hajj: NAHCON completes return flight of Nigerian pilgrims

Hajj: NAHCON completes return flight of Nigerian pilgrims

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The Innovation and Success of Airlifting Nigerian Pilgrims from Hajj 2023

Nigeria’s National Hajj Commission (NAHCON) recently announced the successful completion of airlift of Nigerian pilgrims who participated in the 2023 Hajj. 298 Kaduna pilgrims, 1 Bauchi State pilgrim and 16 officials were an official part of the travel on Azman Airlines, making it a final airlift that concluded four days ahead of the original date set by the commission.

To further express his appreciation for the tremendous support that the Nigerian people have given to the commission, the Chairman and CEO of NAHCON, Zikrullah Kunle Hassan, addressed the pilgrims before they traveled back to the country. During his address, he thanked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima for their contributions that lead to the success of the Hajj.

The team has also dedicated thanks to the Nigerian Government for their timely intervention and support throughout the process. Their contributions allowed the commission to transfer their funds to Saudi Arabia and to persuade the General Authority on Civil Aviation (GACA) to allocate more slots for Nigerian Airlines.

The possibility of the successful completion of the Hajj mission was at stake due to a conflict between the Nigerian airline carriers and GACA. However, the Nigerian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia helped to resolve the dilemma and continue forward with the mission.

The transportation of pilgrims helped the commission meet the allotted date of travel set by both the Nigerian and Saudi Governments. Max Air and Flynas, two contributing airlines, further assisted the mission by providing additional aircrafts that added to the tempo of the operation.

The completion of the airlift process of the Hajj mission is a testament and reflection of the more than half a million Nigerian pilgrims who were peacefully united in a collective of devotion, prayer and spiritual faith.

The success of the mission was possible only through the collective contributions of the fantastic Nigerian people, the Nigerian government, the Chairman/CEO of NAHCON, the Nigerian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and the two contributing airline carriers.

Through unity and strength, the Hajj mission was an incredible success and provided a platform of hope for future pilgrimages for Nigerian citizens

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