Get to Know Mory Coco More in This Edition of “Doing Life With”

Get to Know Mory Coco More in This Edition of “Doing Life With”

Doing Life With Mory Coco – A BellaNaija Features Series

Last week, BellaNaija brought you up close and personal with Topzycut, this week we are excited to feature Mory Coco (Mariam Bakre), a multitalented content creator, Youtuber, filmmaker, and actress! In this exclusive interview with BellaNaija, she shares her journey, a life hack that helps her navigate life and the secret to her undeniable glow. Get ready- the story awaits you!

Mory Coco began her journey of content creation almost 8 years ago and has had both highs and lows. She’s since learned to unlearn and relearn, making it a most rewarding experience. Despite her recent success, the secret to Mory’s biggest accomplishment is much simpler- her incredible support system.

Mory Coco’s unique ability to infuse humor in her captivating content comes from her childhood. Belonging to several extracurricular activities is said to have played a pivotal role in nurturing her dynamic personality.

A typical day in her life revolves around her family and her work. After a moment of prayer, she takes care of the kids for the day and reads, cooks, makes content, attends to emails and more. To this, Mory Coco adds that any little trick she has learnt about navigating life is due to her own trial and error and the help of those around her.

Mory Coco’s unconventional thoughts about the world lie in the idea that instead of expending energy in trying to figure life out, one can better spend it by being present and living life. This focus has led to her success and desire to inspire others with her life nuggets and remind them that taking help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of intelligence.

Mory Coco attributes her glowing skin to her loving genes, a promising assortment of skincare products and a balanced lifestyle that involves healthy eating, daily exercise and plenty of water.

We’d like to thank Mory Coco for having this wonderful conversation with us and we hope that her story inspires more creatives in the world! Join us next Saturday for another amazing BellaNaija Features series.

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