Gabon junta eyes two year transition period before holding elections

Gabon junta eyes two year transition period before holding elections

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The political landscape of Gabon has been thrown into chaos after the government was overthrown through a military coup last month. While initially the coup leaders promised to bring free and fair elections, the timing of these elections has been a source of great debate. Now, junta-appointed Prime Minister Raymond Ndong Sima has been quoted as saying that a 24-month transition to elections would be “reasonable”.

This transition would give the junta a chance to adhere to their promise of “free and fair” elections. It would also allow the creation of a unified and peaceful atmosphere for the upcoming elections, as well as providing a period of healing and reconciliation for the people of Gabon.

The 24-month transition could also give the coup leaders a chance to right some of the wrongs of the previous regime. This could include releasing political prisoners, increasing freedoms, and ensuring that corruption and human rights violations are investigated and addressed.

The transition to election could also provide an opportunity to resolve some of the internal issues that have plagued Gabon over the years. This could involve bringing reform to the political system, streamlining bureaucracy, and addressing poverty.

Despite the possibilities of the 24-month transition, there are also some concerns. Specifically, there is a fear that the junta could use this time to consolidate their grip on power, and undermine the electoral process. It is therefore crucial that the transition period is closely monitored in order to guard against such abuses.

Ultimately, while a 24-month transition to elections has the potential to end the current political crisis and to usher in a period of democracy and prosperity for Gabon, it is important to ensure that such a transition is truly free and fair. Only time will tell whether or not this transition is successful

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