Forward Water Technologies Corp. Issues Shares for Payment of Services by AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

Forward Water Technologies Corp. Issues Shares for Payment of Services by AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

Forward Water Technologies Corp. is pleased to announce the issuance of 410,909 common shares in its capital in settlement of compensation owed to AGORA Internet Relations Corp. for marketing services provided to the Company over the past six months. AGORA has been instrumental in raising the Company’s brand awareness among small cap investors, as well as increasing exposure through various digital properties.

The services provided by AGORA, such as content brand insertions, extensive search engine marketing, and exclusive sponsorships of invaluable digital properties, resulted in a fee of $100,000 plus HST. This amount is being settled with the issuance of common shares at a deemed price of the closing price of the shares on July 4, 2023. These shares are subject to a four month hold period that will expire on October 5, 2023.

AGORACOM, the provider of the services, is a pioneer of online marketing, broadcasting, conferences and investor relations services for North American small and mid-cap public companies. For the last ten years, it has been the home for 7.7 million investors who visited 55.2 million times and read over 600 million pages of information.

Forward Water Technologies Corp. is a publicly traded Canadian company dedicated to saving the earth’s water supply using its patented Forward Osmosis Technology, initially developed by their partners, GreenCentre Canada. The technology allows for the reduction of challenging waste streams with the aim of simultaneously returning fresh water for re-use or surface release. As they focus on large-scale implementation across multiple sectors, such as industrial wastewater, oil and gas, mining, agriculture and municipal water supply and re-use, the Company has also initiated R&D for the treatment of food and beverage process streams.

President and CEO, Mr. Honeyman, commented on the situation, “AGORA has demonstrated its value as a partner throughout the past six months. We are thrilled to have their services to further our expansion in the clean technology sector.”

Forward Water Technologies Corp. and AGORACOM have created a strong partnership, one that will contribute to the development of clean technology in the future. For more information, please go to or Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release

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