FF7 Rebirth Will End At Series’ Most Iconic Scene

FF7 Rebirth Will End At Series’ Most Iconic Scene

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When it comes to Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, the developers have revealed the point at which the game will end, and it’s the most iconic moment of the entire series. This means that the remaining content of FF7 will have to be compressed into the third and final game of the Remake series.

We already know that FF7 Remake ended with the party leaving Midgar as Square Enix had translated the first few hours of FF7 into a self-contained experience. Fans then got a new ending with INTERmission DLC, showing the party arriving at Kalm, Yuffie traveling the wastes outside Midgar on the back of a Chocobo, and the newly revived Zack looking for Aerith in her church.

Following this, the developers have confirmed that the finale of FF7 Rebirth will conclude at the Forgotten Capitol, which occurs at the end of Disc 1 in the original game. Any fans who have played the game know exactly what happens in this location and the potential consequences of how the story could play out. However, due to a larger cast of characters present in this timeline, things could be changed in some way.

As well as this, it has been revealed that Wutai won’t be appearing in FF7 Rebirth, and instead is set to make a bigger appearance in the third game. This suggests that there will be some sort of war brewing between Wutai and the Shinra Corporation, but this won’t be investigated until the final game.

The third game of the series will have to cover a great deal of content if FF7 Rebirth is set to end in the Forgotten Capitol, and it’s possible that the story will skip huge sections of the original game in favour of a more conlusive ending. We can only wait in anticipation to find out what the final instalment has in store for us

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