Egypt’s classic car treasures on display at Baron Hotel Cairo

Egypt’s classic car treasures on display at Baron Hotel Cairo

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On July 7, Baron Hotel Cairo hosted the annual gathering of Egyptian classic car collectors in cooperation with the Classic Cars Community (ECY). This gathering was truly special, as attendants got to explore the multitude of vintage cars on display and take pictures of their favourite ones.

The beautiful venue was chosen for its majestic view over the Baron Empain Palace, making for a unique backdrop for the event. Moreover, Baron Hotel Cairo’s renowned services offered the perfect hospitality to all present at the gathering. This event was organised with the support of AllKeys Marketing Agency.

The guests attending the special gathering admired the vast array of cars on display, which dated back as far as the 1920s. Each car was treated with great care, and the participants shared the history behind each one. They were all eager to show off their prized collection of classic-cars and let people enjoy the beauty of these timeless vehicles.

Moreover, the inviting atmosphere of the gathering made it possible for classic car aficionados to appreciate and collaborate with one another. They were able to share stories, experiences and knowledge with new acquaintances. The event also offered visitors the opportunity to purchase vintage-inspired clothes and souvenirs.

The gathering was a success beyond the expectations of attendees and organisers alike. It provided the guests with the possibility to indulge their nostalgia and experience the cultures of the past. All in all, Baron Hotel Cairo was the ideal location for this unique event, and it is sure to continue gracing us with a piece of history for years to come

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