EFF denounces Google’s WEI proposal

EFF denounces Google’s WEI proposal

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-ness culture that so characterizes the embattled tech industry. WEI makes it more difficult for you to run your own software, and easier for companies to stop you from running your own or custom software if that software does not meet their requirements.

WEI also makes it substantially more difficult for new browsers to emerge. That’s because any new browser wishing to participate in a WEI-documented world would have to deal with the same legal rat’s nest as the ones creating the WEI proposal. It’s extremely unlikely that a new browser startup could deal with these issues quickly.

WEI may come packaged in the language of “security” and “privacy” but make no mistake – its primary purpose is to maintain the status quo and forestall substantial changes in how the web works.

WEI may not be the biggest problem with the web today, but it’s definitely a knot worth untying.