‘Driving Toward Clarity’ Will Be Free to Download for Five Days (24/07/23)

‘Driving Toward Clarity’ Will Be Free to Download for Five Days (24/07/23)

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Auburn, ME resident Brian Westbye is releasing the Kindle edition of his new memoir, ‘Driving Toward Clarity’. This heartwarming story recounts one man’s journey on Route 66 in the midst of a midlife crisis and the lessons he learned. In 2019, Westbye, a former grocery chain employee, was unceremoniously fired and plunged into a midlife crisis. In an effort to break out of the ensuing depression, Westbye embarked on a week-long 2,539-mile Bucket List road trip across eight states and around Route 66.

Driving Toward Clarity is an ode to anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, or anything else. Witty and exuberant, it takes readers on a journey with Westbye as he contemplates his life, his journey, and his new reality. Along the way, he develops a newfound appreciation for America and an understanding of his place in it. Westbye’s charm and perceptiveness convey the beauty and serendipity of both the physical landscape of the US and his inner journey.

In honor of Westbye’s memoir, ‘Driving Toward Clarity’, will be free and available for download on Amazon for five days, from July 24, 2023 to July 28, 2023. This book is available as a tribute to timeless America and its people, and is sure to nestle into the hearts of those seeking connection, adventure, and wanderlust.

Brian Westbye is an anti-money laundering investigator and certified dreamer. He lives with his wife and two cat babies in Maine, but frequently visits his second home in Seattle. Westbye wrote Driving Toward Clarity partially to help others overcome the same demons he has faced but mostly to share the beauty and joy of America that has become his home.

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Featuring an engaging, hilarious protagonist, ‘Driving Toward Clarity’ is sure to be a resonant read for anyone looking for meaning and purpose in the throes of life’s moments

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