Diablo IV Fixing Bad Menu After Fans Kept Accidentally Buying Battle Pass

Diablo IV Fixing Bad Menu After Fans Kept Accidentally Buying Battle Pass

Blizzard’s recent “Diablo IV” season has not been without controversy. After a patch made several characters and builds weaker, players are now up in arms about yet another design issue. This time, it’s a battle pass system layout that has allegedly tricked some players into accidentally buying the premium pass.

The problematic design places the “Activate Premium Battle Pass” button right next to the button for checking Season Journey progress. Without a warning pop-up giving players the chance to back out of the redemption, some have experienced an unintended purchase.

Streamer Rurikhan highlighted the alleged dark pattern in a tweet that has since amassed thousands of likes and retweets, as well as generated discussions across social media. And gaming YouTuber Rhykker chimed in too, highlighting that this should be fixed by adding a “confirm” pop-up window.

While it may not be a new purchase, and just an accidental redemption of a freebie, the situation has caused Blizzard to take note of the complaint. A temporary fix is in the works that will at least ensure that the cursor isn’t defaulted to the purchase option.

The outcry over this latest issue speaks volumes to the anger many “Diablo IV” players feel. With the game transforming to a live-service game complete with pricey microtransactions, balance patches, and grind-heavy levels, it’s no wonder players are keeping a critical eye out for any exploitative design elements.

At least Blizzard is listening and taking steps to address the issue, even if it still can’t make refunds available. Hopefully, future patches will help to make sure that “Diablo IV” players don’t have to worry about accidentally activating a battle pass again

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