Cramer points out stocks to watch as China’s economy slows down

Cramer points out stocks to watch as China’s economy slows down

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The stock market took a mild tumble this week in response to weaker-than-expected economic data coming out of China. CNBC’s Jim Cramer was quick to react, offering investors his advice on what sectors and stocks to watch going forward.

Cramer believes investors should pay close attention to infrastructure stocks. Government investment in this sector is an indication of future growth and success. To this end, he recommended Caterpillar and Nucor as ones to watch.

Another sector to look out for is aerospace. Cramer thinks stocks like Boeing and Honeywell are set to benefit from a continuing tourism boom and aircraft shortages. He also pointed to drug stocks like Eli Lilly, and homebuilding stocks Lennar and DR Horton, as well as tech giants like Nvidia, as good investments.

Cramer believes it’s important to stay the course in this market. He encouraged investors to be prepared for pain, but also to use that pain as a buying opportunity and to buy stocks slowly in stages as the market moves lower.

Finally, Cramer reminded investors of the CNBC Investing Club Charitable Trust, which holds shares of a number of these stocks. For those looking to follow Cramer’s every move in the market, they can sign up for the CNBC Investing Club.

Overall, the stock market may be volatile right now, but investors should pay attention to where the money is going and try to take advantage of any buying opportunities presented. With the right advice and the right investments, savvy investors can put their money to work for them in the long run

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