Court orders vehicle bought with proceeds of crime to be forfeited to the state

The asset forfeiture unit granted a forfeiture order against a convicted fraudster and her boyfriend in the high court of Bloemfontein. Thandeka Mlangeni, 35 and her boyfriend Mpandulo Daguma were charged with fraud and money laundering, amongst other charges.

The order relates to a 2017 Ford Figo that was bought with the proceeds of crime. Mlangeni had fraudulently transferred R1 million from a client’s bank account into Daguma’s account. In May of this year, Mlangeni was sentenced to an effective 10 year jail sentence, while Daguma was sentenced to 15 years.

The Hawks have confirmed that the vehicle was bought with the stolen money. Together with the National Prosecuting Authority, they have ensured that this vehicle is forfeited to the state. According to Lt-Col Zweli Mohobeleli, they are “working closely with the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure that assets which are associated with criminal activity are forfeited to the State.”

This forfeiture order serves as an example of how seriously the law takes cases of fraud and money laundering. Further, it demonstrates the swift and effective collaboration of the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority. They have worked together to ensure that the crime does not go unpunished and that the state is not the victim of this criminal activity.

This case of fraud and money laundering serves as a stern reminder that the law takes these crimes seriously and there are repercussions for those who try to benefit from criminal behaviour. The weight of the law will always be applied in cases of illicit activity and it is essential that justice is served.

The Asset Forfeiture Unit is to be commended for pursuing justice and holding criminals accountable for their actions. It sets a precedent that these crimes will not go unpunished and there are repercussions for those who seek to benefit from criminal activity.
The state will not lose out in this instance and will not be a victim of fraudulent behaviour. Instead, justice has been served and serves as a reminder to all that the law is always watching

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